Who We Are

The name Steel River Techs was derived from our hometown of Pittsburgh – also known as the “Steel City” and “Three Rivers.” Recognized for its rich history as the center of the steel industry, SRT strives to match that same irrefutable work ethic that is the backbone of where we live. 

In 2009, Matthew Campbell, our President and CEO, realized that he wanted to do more with his unique combination of strong business, leadership, and professional IT abilities. He felt that many companies could take advantage of the failures, successes, and lessons learned over the years. It was a giant leap forward, but Matt was willing to take that first step to branch out and create his own IT consulting company. 

He has always believed that every business has unique needs that require a customized approach regardless of its size. Steel River Techs was created with this exact vision in mind.


Our Mission

Our business strategy emphasizes professional executive-level support with superior C-level skillsets for small to mid-sized businesses at an affordable price. When you work with SRT, we make sure your business is not only surviving but thriving. We know every business is unique, and one-size-fits-all IT services won’t cut it. That’s why we promise to find IT solutions that work for your company and are there to adapt and grow with you.