The Mobile Workforce Redefined

Your office has changed, but your services have not. Your team needs to work from anywhere. Teleworking, remote working, working from home—whatever your business calls it, you can trust SRT to optimize your mobile workforce.

Optimizing this new redefined workplace takes more than being able to access files or applications from cloud storage or the server back in the office. When setting up remote working for your company, you need to think about things like:

  • Do the remote workplaces have enough bandwidth? 
  • Does the home office have enough to support all the new incoming connections? 
  • Is it easy for the employee to connect? 
  • Is OneDrive for Business setup correctly? If not, who do they call? 
  • Is it all secure? 

 SRT has been providing remote solutions, including Office 365 support, since we started. After all, we work remotely as well. 

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