Customized and Personable Training To Be Prepared

Security isn’t a one-and-done practice. In the world of IT, there are always updates and new things to learn, so it’s a challenge to keep up to pace with ever-changing technology. By falling behind, you’re not only doing things less productively but also risking network security concerns. 

SRT can help by providing on-site or real-time virtual endpoint protection training sessions to go over best practices and make your employees aware of things to look out for. This includes education on what it takes to make a secure password, why it’s essential to be on top of updates, and how to spot phony emails. We can also help you create a cybersecurity and awareness section of your employee handbook and provide onboarding services—complete with step-by-step tutorials and new user assistance led by our professional IT team—to ensure everyone starts on the same page. 

User-Friendly Cybersecurity and Awareness Training

At SRT, we’re passionate about helping everyone feel safe and comfortable when using technology. We can provide: 

  • Cybersecurity basics — like how to create a good password or how to check their voicemail
  • Phishing training or what to do if a cyberattack happens 
  • Develop customized plans and PowerPoint presentations — for the first day on the job training to go over things like how to sign in, where to find your account number, how you page someone, and how you check your voicemail, and more
  • Developing training plans before an issue is brought to light in regards to HIPAA compliance or data recovery 

At SRT, we believe in a proactive approach to cybersecurity and technology awareness. We also know it’s not the most exciting topic for most people, so we’ll create user-friendly training resources and be there for any questions or needs that come up.