Work anywhere, any time with cloud services

Make sure your team is always on the same page for simpler, faster workflows with cloud-based services. Work on any device connected to the internet with pre-built integration platforms to collaborate on the fly with real-time data while knowing your information is secured with secured cloud storage. 

Cloud-based services allow you to run your business efficiently from any device, anytime. But how do you choose which service is right for your business? And then, how do you implement or manage it? Leave that to SRT. 

Cloud Services Made to Fit Your Needs

When seemingly everything is at your fingertips, it can be easy to think you need more, and more services. The truth is, most businesses are paying for services they don’t use or, quite frankly, even understand! At Steel River Techs, we help companies figure out their current process, and see how we can upgrade it to save you time, money, and sanity. 

Typically, our first step is helping small, and medium-sized businesses figure out what they have on-site and seeing what should be moved to cloud storage. We also work with you to determine the right cloud backup solution for all your devices. Then, we’ll find which products or features you do like, understand your daily tasks, who you’re interacting with, what you need to accomplish, and more to see what your business really needs. We’ll talk through everything to find the best solutions for you, from saving you money by changing payments from monthly to annually, or downgrading your cloud storage to helping you streamline processes with Quickbooks, Onedrive for Business, or Office 365 installation and support.