Professional IT Support Through It All

When construction projects—such as remodels, new builds or additions—happen, IT is usually the last thing that’s considered in the plans. When you work with SRT, we’ll take care of everything from an IT perspective, so you don’t have to. From making sure network ports are easily accessible (and not put on just any wall) to designing your wireless infrastructure, we’ll work with the contractors and architects during the building stages to make sure everything IT is addressed. This includes door access control, video surveillance, internet communications and even the proper communications for fire, security and elevator systems. We handle IT so that it’s good to go from day one when you open up your new building or space. 

Our professional IT team is capable of providing complete IT services at extremely competitive pricing. From electronic health record migration to looking for a new accounting system, we'll help you find the right product and make sure it gets implemented correctly. Is it time to move to Office 365 Business? We take care of that too.

Customized, Full-Service IT Project Management

Project management services include any procurement, project or assessment needs. We partner with companies that share our business philosophies. When doing projects, large or small, we are the project managers and take responsibility for all work, regardless of our employees, subcontractors, or an outside company’s direct hire.